Using fashion and pop culture to fight the climate crisis

Each year, more people are displaced by natural disasters. Each year, the climate crisis worsens. Dura Solutions is taking action in the fight against climate change by working with the industries that’s closest to our hearts: clothing, fashion and design. 

Raising awareness and supporting environmentally active organizations, No Hope For Our Kids is our maiden voyage, the first of more exciting chapters, we are already working on.

This is a brand and a look created in order to raise awareness. 

Dura Solutions has designed a completely recycled t-shirt, made out of plastic bottles and upcycled organic cotton, emblazoned with a simple, powerful illustration. The embroidered drawing has been designed by Rainbow Kennedy, a five year old girl from London, whose colourful, deceptively simple depiction of the current global crisis comes straight from the front lines in the battle for our planet; Rainbow represents the first generation which may not have a future – we hope to give her a voice. 

Our clothes are produced on demand, with zero waste. Revenue is re-invested into developing green solutions and supporting environmentally active organisations. We are proud to be an official sponsor of the World Land Trust, and the Buy An Acre program, and for every shirt sold we help to secure more than 100 m2 natural habitat.

Our wares are made in India, under certified fair working conditions. The final touches are then embroidered in Denmark... where we are based. 

The shirt is only produced on demand and sold via our website

We know the problem: let Dura be a part of the solution. 


World land trust foundation

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